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Choosing a CBD Product for your pet

You may choose between CBD Oil, CBD treats, or powder for your pet. Dogs show some of the quickest and most drastic results from CBD intake, which is supported by many lab tests and case studies. However, all animals and pets will show improvements in most ailments and disorders almost immediately. CBD Oil is a better delivery system as it absorbs directly into the bloodstream. Experts have proven that absorbing CBD oil under the tongue of a human is the best form of use, and much newer research is supporting the same results for dogs and pets.

It may seem weird to think about giving CBD to a dog or any pet for that matter, however what most fail to realize is the CBD (cannabidiol) interacts with cannabinoid receptors in a living organism – in fact, most living organisms on earth will benefit from the intake and consumption of CBD. CBD for pets can help with mood disorders, separation anxiety, internal diseases/issues and a long list of other things as well.


How much CBD do i give my pet?

CBD Oil For Pets

Most CBD Oil tincutres or drops will come with a suggested serving size to give your dog or other pet.  Very similar to a “dosage” reading on a medicine bottle.  However, standard intake needs to be around 200mg daily. We have 500 mg , 1 oz bottles starting at $18.00!

CBD Dog Treats

How many CBD treats to give a dog is determined greatly in part by a handful of different variables.  Most important being the CBD % ratio in the product, secondly is the THC ratio in the product, and lastly is the concentrated values of CBG and CBN within the treats themselves.

CBD Dog Food

While CBD is used in treats and oils for dogs and pets, it is not yet approved to be included in pet food or animal “feed” due to multiple digestion and nutritional reasons.  An alternative is using CBD powder and placing it on top of their food.

CBD Pet Powder

CBD for pets is a tricky subject, but our CBD powder solves most questions.  You can spread it over food, mix in water, let them lick it off your palm, sprinkle it on treats, and the list goes on.  With the highest CBD ratio in the nation, Colorado CBD Club provides the best CBD Powder for pets that money can buy!


The best CBD for pets contains no THC whatsoever.  THC affects the liver of animals and can even cause serious problems within a short time frame of a few years.  Unless your pet is suffering from cancer, tumors, or other inflammation issues then consult with a specialist before giving them CBD products.

Full Spectrum CBD

While we do not recommend giving your dog or pet any type of CBD with THC in it, we understand that in some cases it is more than necessary.  CBD helps with inflammation caused by cancerous tumors, joints, and other problematic internal issues.

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Wholesale CBD For pets

Colorado CBD Club is the leading wholesale provider for pet CBD products.  We work with veterinarians, retail outlets, and individual buyers to give them the highest quality CBD for pets at the lowest prices.  Our distribution and wholesale channels are well established throughout Colorado and surrounding states.  We ship and consult with doctors and veterinarians in over 31 states currently and are ever-growing.

We understand most of you are just starting to advance into the world of CBD for pets, and we would love to have a conversation with you to see if any of our products would fit into the ideas and needs your business or organization may have.  Give us a call or fill out the form above to receive further information on our products and bulk discounts.



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Colorado CBD Club has one of the widest selections of Wholesale CBD Flower that we have found. They provide laboratory COA’s on all products, and always come through with great looking buds!

— James Howard


The guys over at CCC are great to work with. We accidentally ordered a lower amount of CBD Flower when we were completing an order. They immediately reached out and made sure we got our order corrected so we weren’t overspending our budget that we spoke with them about. Top-notch customer service, and timely shipments make them our GO TO provider for Wholesale CBD Flower.

— Michael Timko, Imperial Logistics

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