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Choosing a CBD Flower Strain

You will want to choose a strain that fits into your company’s quality standards, pricing margins and most importantly – your customer’s needs. Quality look, taste, effect, and CBD Ratio is what people look for.

We offer 19 different strains of CBD Flower, and always look to add more if they meet our standards of quality, CBD content, taste, and overall rating. All laboratory COA’s are available on our site and this page.


Our CBD Flower Strains

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Colorado CBD Club

Wholesale Application

Enter your information to apply for a wholesale account, you will receive all information via email.

We will call you to discuss pricing, fulfillment, and lead-time on your order.

How to sell Wholesale CBD Flower

Profit margins on CBD Flower are at an all-time high for all parties involved. Growers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers are all reaping the benefits of the 2018 Farm Bill finally being enacted to cover industrial hemp with a Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol below 0.30% ratios.

This gives individuals easy access to CBD hemp flower at full scale to consume and use as they please, and has created an entire industry of shops, wholesalers, manufacturers and growers that are quickly turning the hemp industry into a corporate web of financial success stories and benchmarks.

If you are currently selling CBD in a store-front, online, or at trade shows – then you see exactly what is unfolding in the industry. If you are new to the game, and are looking to gain market share, start by purchasing CBD products in bulk and develop channels to resell them at a mark-up.

Here’s how it works :

  1. Colorado CBD Club sells you one pound of premium Wholesale CBD Flower, at $250.
  2. You receive the order in the mail or pick it up from our store 3 business days later.
  3. One pound contains 453 grams.  Weigh the pound out into 453 individual gram bags with your label printed on it.
  4. Place a price tag of $10 on each bag.
  5. Place the bags in your retail store, or add them to your website inventory.
  6. Promote your CBD Flower to potential customers via paper, mail, email, social media, website ads, PR, or however you would like.
  7. Your gross revenue off the product will be $4,530.  453 grams x $10/gram.
  8. $4,530 – $250 (cost) – $7 (bags) – $100 (labels) = $4,173.00 PROFIT.
  9. $4,173 (net) / $4,530 (gross) = 92.11% profit margins.
  10. Repeat.



Chief Executive Officer, Colorado CBD Club

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We stand by our products and our prices in every single transaction.

Your business doesn’t sleep, so our 24/7 support team is available for questions and concerns at anytime, day or night.

What Our Customers Say


Colorado CBD Club has one of the widest selections of Wholesale CBD Flower that we have found. They provide laboratory COA’s on all products, and always come through with great looking buds!

— James Howard, CLO, Wellmart LLC


The guys over at CCC are great to work with. We accidentally ordered a lower amount of CBD Flower when we were completing an order. They immediately reached out and made sure we got our order corrected so we weren’t overspending our budget that we spoke with them about. Top-notch customer service, and timely shipments make them our GO TO provider for Wholesale CBD Flower.

— Michael Timko, Imperial Logistics

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