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The only CBD Clearing House in Colorado.

Colorado’s CBD Clearing House

We source and grow over 13 different strains of CBD crops here in Colorado.  What’s more, is our team travels all over the nation hand-picking the best flower, oils, topicals, edibles, and much more.  We house over 400,000 Lbs of CBD Flower, trim, and biomass!

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A clearing house is an organization which collects and distributes mass quantities of CBD products and then sells them at wholesale to retailers, manufacturers, and large buyers..  Colorado CBD Club is established as the main source for CBD products for retailers and wholesalers throughout the United States.

13 Different Strains

CBD Flower

Wholesale CBD Flower

13 Strains To Choose From
Only High Quality Flower
CBD content ranging 14-23%
All COA’s Available Online

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Distillate, Full Spectrum, Crude

CBD Oils

Wholesale CBD Oils

Full Spectrum, Distillate, Crude Available

See Our Oils

Flower only, 100% Organic

CBD Cigarettes

Wholesale CBD Cigarettes

100% Organic CBD Flower
No Pesticides
No Fillers

See Our Cigarettes

CBD Moonrocks

Highest Potency CBD Product
46% CBD Ratio
Flower, Dipped, Rolled in Kief

See our Moonrocks

Pets & Animals

Pets & Animal CBD

Pet & Animal CBD

100% Organic
Lab tested safe ingredients
Full Spectrum or Distillate

See Pet CBD

Horse Pellets, Powder, and Oils

Equine CBD

Equine CBD

Horses, Livestock, Animals
Veterinarian Approved
100% Organic
Pellets, Powder, and Oils
Bulk Orders Available

See Equine CBD

Lotions, Balms, Creams, Edibles

Topicals & Edibles

See How it can be done

Isolate, Shatter, Wax, etc


CBD Concentrates

100% Pure CBD Isolate
CBD Shatter
Concentrated Testing

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